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destination: Accommodation

The hotel


The Bauen Hotel has 200 rooms with air conditioning, telephone, spacious closets, cable television and Wi-Fi connectivity. The hotel also includes buffet-style breakfast, room service, valet parking and 24 hour-long security. Additional amenities include laundry service, dry cleaners, security boxes and a souvenir store. As for lounge areas, the Bauen Hotel has a wide hall, a bar at street level and many spacious rooms, some of which will be appropriately set for being used by Wikimania attendees.


The pre-arranged price for Wikimania attendees willing to accommodate is 25 USD per day for those registering before July 30, and USD 30 after that date. If you are willing to take advantage of this offer, don't forget to indicate so when filling in the registration form.

This covers shared rooms with other attendees, with two or four beds. The registration form will ask your preference.

If it is your intention to extend the days of your stay before or after Wikimania, you can contact Omar Vanag, he is responsible for the sales at the Hotel Bauen. The price for shared rooms outside of the dates of the conference is ARS 112 (approx. USD 30) per night.


Construction of four-star Bauen Hotel was funded by the last military dictatorship that ruled Argentina with the intention of using the facilities during the 1978 FIFA World Cup. Nevertheless, in 2001, the Bauen Hotel's owners declared bankruptcy and closed the hotel in the middle of the economic and social crisis. In May 2003, the National Movement of Recovered Companies (MNER, Movimiento Nacional de Empresas Recuperadas) and a group of former employees took control of the establishment and restored the hotel.

The Bauen Hotel is a cooperative —Buenos Aires A National Company (BAUEN in Spanish, from Buenos Aires Una Empresa Nacional)— and is an example of workers' self-management. The hotel was even depicted in a documentary film by Naomi Klein, well-known alter-globalization activist. Currently, the Bauen Hotel employs around 150 people and serves as a site for conventions and other activities.

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