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Online volunteers

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destination: Online volunteers

Online team tasks

  • Organising and creating content on this wiki, such as information pages.
  • Helping organise online meetings.
  • Assisting other committees, such as the program committee, in distributing emails and information.
  • Translating the site
  • Lots of other tasks that come up and can be completed online.
  • More tasks

Volunteer here

To volunteer, please add yourself here. You may want to leave some information about you, such as your nickname, languages spoken or previous relation with Wikimedia projects, apart from specific tasks you are interested in. Take into account that Wikimania 2009's official languages are Spanish and English. Information in those languages is likely to be updated and used for reference in translation and official communication.

Current volunteers

Areas of interest
Galio Galileo Vidoni es-N, en-3, fr-1 Miembro del equipo organizador local de Wikimanía 2009 y de su comité de programa. A cargo de coordinar el trabajo en este sitio entre el equipo organizador y los voluntarios. Puedo hacerme cargo de las versiones en español y revisar las traducciones español-inglés.
Az1568 Alex en-N I've been helping out with translation coordination, site maintenance, and many other online tasks this year and in the past during Wikimania '08.
Wong128hk Jason Wong zh-hant-N, yue-N, zh-hans-4, en-3 Translating articles between English and Chinese (no matter zh-hans, zh-hant or yue), and site maintenance.
Hzaphry Hussam Elzaphry ar-N, en-3, de-1 I've been helping as a local volunteer during Wikimania08, and I'm ready to help in online tasks; Translating between English and Arabic. and any possible task.
es:User:Isha Ivana Lysholm es-N, en-2 Soy parte del comité de becas de Wikimanía 2009 y del equipo organizador local, además de miembro de Wikimedia Argentina, por lo que puedo ayudar a incorporar información oficial del evento. Además puedo traducir info entre castellano e inglés.
Cbrown1023 Casey Brown en-N, es-2 translation coordination, program, general site maintenance, anything that's needed
MarianoCecowski Mariano Cecowski es-N, en-3, sl-3, it-2, hr-1, sr-1, pt-1 Mainly translations. Other need-to-be-done tasks (feel free to contact me)
User:Loco085 Leandro Kibisz es-N, en-3, pt-2, de-1 Miembro del equipo organizador local de Wikimanía 2009.
User:Seb35 Sébastien Beyou fr-N en-3 de-3 fi-1 es-1 Mainly translation into French or eventually other languages. Other things if needed (ask me).
es:User:Aleposta Leandro es-N en-1 pt-1 Puedo ayudar en lo que haga falta, nada específico.
User:syedatif Syed Atif en,hi,ur,ar,sk Site management, translation from the known languages and any other task feel free to ask me.
Historybuff Gerald A en-N, es-1 general maintenance, conference recording/online
es:User:Lancaster Mariano Araujo es-N, en-3, fr-1 Integro el equipo organizador local y el Comité de Becas de Wikimanía 2009, y puedo ayudar subiendo y actualizando contenidos de cualquier clase en inglés y español, traduciendo los ya incorporados, diseñando imágenes en alta resolución o retocando las ya subidas si fuese necesario.
User:Sloubiere Solange Loubiere es-N, fr-N, en-N, pt-1 Estudié periodismo (USAL) y tengo experiencia laboral como asistente trilingüe, coordinadora de eventos y como redactora, traductora y correctora de estilo (español/inglés/francés). Puedo traducir y corregir textos y estaría feliz de realizar tareas de recepción de asistentes y coordinación in situ.
es:User:Walterzum Walter Zumarán es-N, en-2, pt-1 Haré algunas traducciones y mantenimiento a la página, todo relacionado a español... Por si acaso estaré al pendiente :P
User:R.T.Argenton Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton pt-N, en-3, es-2 I'm Wikimedia Brasil volunteer, and can help in translation en->pt, may es->pt.
User:Pedist Pedist Lam en-3, zh-hant-N, zh-hans-N Translating between English and Chinese, Site maintenance, AOB...
User:MontseBL Montse Barba es-N, en-N/4, it-N Principalmente traducir inglés-español-inglés, italiano-español-italiano. Edición, corrección de artículos, lo que se pueda hacer.
Onurkayabasi Onur Kayabaşı tr-N, en-4, it-1, de-1 Translation from English to Turkish.
jigesh Jigesh P.K. ml-N, en-3, hi-2, ta-1 Translation on mentioned Indian languages
User:SqueakBox Richard en-N, es-3 Translate Spanish-English
User:srinwantudey Srinwantu Dey en-N, bn I am really eager to volunteer the upcoming Wikimania 09. I can translate from English to Bengali. We must have form a team to do so.Please count me into this. Mail me at srinwantudey@gmail.com.
Nikitakuzmenko Nikita Kuzmenko en-4, uk-N, ru-N, es-1, pl-2, by-2 I would like to do anything that is needed. I can translate from English into Russian and Ukrainian. Site maintenance, adding new information, promotion of this event. Just give a task or Mail me nikita.kuzmenko@gmail.com
User:Hexacoder Abdelrahaman Gamal ar-N, en-4, fr-1 Translation, publicity, website, whatever you say :) I was an organizer at wm08 PR and Media teams
User:ryanstoneham Ryan Stoneham en-4, fr-1 Translation between English and French, publicity with the event, or anything you'd need me for. I previously helped out with a National Conference in Canada for government officials and have planned several large-scale events.
User:Abigor Huib Laurens en-3, nl-4 (some others but not important here) I will help with translations in to Dutch.
Tosão Mateus Machado pt,es-3,en-2 I want to help with everything that you will need on-line.
Markie Mark en anything kibble wants. I helped last year and the year before and am pretty versatile. :-)
Rjd0060 Ryan en Happy to help out in any way I can.
Rhythm Rhythm en-2, ja-2, ko-N Translating between English and Korean.
User:JeanSol Jean-Sol fr-N, en-3, es-3 Translations French-Spanish-English
Goysar Gowri Sankar en-3, ta -1 Ready to help in any concern. I am a web designer so i can mange with designing
Manuel Schneider 80686 en-3, de-N, fr-1 can provide livestreaming facilities if needed for audio and video (streaming server, client setup etc.)
User:McDutchie Martijn Dekker nl-N, ia-4, en-4, sv-2, de-1, fr-1 Translation, especially into Interlingua. Other translation and website maintenance if necessary (let me know).
Andrés Baldrich en:User:Argentino was my first account. I lef Wikipedia, but it came back to me. es-N, en-3, it-N, la-2, de-2 Argentino, casi 18 años; me postulo para traductor/intérprete
User:Ppapadeas Papadeas Pierros el-N, en-4, fr-1 Translation, Artistic projects, Program , anything needed
Tah Tah fi-N, en-2, Translate from English to Finnish.
User:Thaliapap Thalia Papoutsaki el-N, en-3, fr-2 Translations English-Greek, Artistic Projects, anything else if needed
User:Bletilla Fujiyoshi Hiroki ja-N, en-3 Translations from English into Japanese
thefuekboy93 Marko Ljevaja hr-N, bs-N, sr-N, en-1 Translations from English to Croatian, Bosnian or Serbian
redgwan Rezwan Mahbub bn I can translate this wiki in Bengali.
epheus Efe Saran tr-N, en-3, de-1, es-1 Translations from Turkish English. I can help for anything else.
Kram angelo13 Mark Panelo Ph-En, ko-en, en-1, bs-N Translation from English To Tagalog,Korean,Bosnian,artistic projects,anything that is needed here
User:Yuyu Jeromy-Yu Chan Languages: en-N, zh-N, zh-Yue-N, fr-2, es-1 Translation from English To Chinese, translation coordination, press release and other PR related works, and have help out in translation and other organizing task in Wikimania 2007
Rúper Roberto Fiadone es-N, en-2 Soy parte del equipo organizador local y miembro de Wikimedia Argentina. Ayudo a incorporar información oficial del evento y traduzco del inglés al castellano.
User:JamesR theoneandonly en-N Anything required to do with the wiki. I have been a part of the collaborative Wikimania online team for the last two years.
User:Itzike Itzik E en-3, he-N I will arrive to Buenos Aires 3 days before to conference, i will be happy to help. I'm Wikimedia Israel spokesperson and the producer of Wikipedia Academy Israel. give me something to do :)
Nemo Nemo it-N, en-2 I'll love help with categories, links to recording, presentations slide, etc.
Bejinhan Evangeline en-N, ms-2, zh-2 Anything except translating. This is my first time helping out and I might not be too familiar with the stuff here. I will not be actively editing on Saturdays and Sundays.
Wargo Wojciech Różanek (wargo) pl Translating into polish, streamlining.