Wikimania:Online tasks

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The following is a list of items we could use help with from the Online volunteers.



  • Link work
    • Make sure that there are links where there should be.
    • Make sure that if a translation exists for a page, that we link to that page instead of the English page (ie. make sure that Index/de has links to Call for Participation/de instead of "Call for Participation").



  • There has been a lot of activity on the wiki this week, due to the CentralNotice for CFP being shown on every Wikimedia wiki.
  • Translations: There are lots of pages to be translated and lots of pages currently being translated, see T for more information.
  • What needs help: With all the new content on the wiki (translations) and new people (translators, people who read the notice), there are a few minor (but important) tasks that we could use help with on the website.
    • Make sure all the dates are correct. We've gotten an e-mail about people unsure of when Wikimania will be held and it seems that the dates are different in a few places. The official dates are August 26-28 for Wikimania.
    • Make sure all pages have a language category.
    • Make sure the translation statuses are up-to-date, this affect categorization and knowing how we are doing with translations.
    • Make sure that if a translation of "RightSidebar" exists, it's on all the language pages.
    • Some work on FAQ would be appreciated.
    • Local information has still not been translated into English, this is a big page that could really use a lot of helpers!