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destination: Registration

Registration fee

  • Until 30 July 2009: USD 45
  • After 30 July 2009: USD 60

Included in your registration

  • Access to all three days of conference events
  • Lunch for all three days of the conference
  • Access to the Wikimania party

Not included in your registration

  • Accommodation costs or paperwork
  • Travel costs or paperwork
  • Other incidental costs


You can use the registration form to book accommodations at the Hotel Bauen at the special rate of USD 25 per night (if reserved on or before 30 July) or USD 30 per night (if reserved after 30 July). These rooms are shared with other Wikimania participants, either two or four to a room. Please note: this cost is not included in the Wikimania registration fee. Note that this price is for arrivals on or after August 24 and departures on or before August 29.

Extending your stay

If it is your intention to extend the days of your stay before or after Wikimania, you can contact Omar Vanag, he is responsible for the sales at the Hotel Bauen. The price for shared rooms outside of the dates of the conference is ARS 112 (approx. USD 30) per night.

Travel coordination

Those coming from other countries who want to engage in a little tourism together may share their plans at Travel coordination.

Getting there, getting around

If you have questions about transportation to, from, or within Buenos Aires, then please visit our local information page.