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If there was one person you would like to see speak at Wikimania 2010, who would that be?

Jimmy Wales
Susan Blackmore, Richard Dawkins, Don Tapscott. They are not 100% related to the Wikimedia projects, but I\'m most of them would share the feeling of freedom of knowledge and I\'m sure they would be interested in contributing.
Sirken Robinson
The president of the EU Commission or the Prime Minister of the host country.
The president of the European Union
Obama. Any radical Polish philosopher
Linus Torvalds. As a bonus, we could ask him for his thoughts about \"GNU/Linux\".
Not rms.
More people from developing countries
User:Wilfredor about Kiwix
Durova on the importance of digital restorations and, a workshop on the same subject
Ivana Lysholm y Galileo Vidoni
President Rafael Correa from Ecuador
Montserrat Boix Juan Freire Dolores Reig Laurence Rassel
Nadie en especial. Me gustaría poder dar una charla yo mismo sobre algún tema que domine bien y sea de mi interés. Considero que haber asistido como disertante este año y llevar más de tres años en el proyecto me dan experiencia suficiente para plantear cambios y proponer retos.
Sue Gardner, again!
Chapter boards.
Clay Shirky might be a good keynote speaker.
Jimmy Wales
Enrique Chaparro - Christian Engstrom - Jimmy Walles -
Someone on swarming theory/ wisdom of the crowd
Marilyn vos Savant
Aunque preferiría que el interés se enfoque en las ideas más que en las personas, si por ejemplo fuese Mark Shuttleworth o gente conocida tendría mayor repercusión y generaría especial interés.
Enrique Chaparro
Nadie en particular.
I wouldn\'t like to see Richard Stallman, definitely.
Some of the top contributors - everyone at 2009 was a government/organization person, not enough of the heavy contributors. To english wikipedia at least.
Bruce Perens, Linus Torvalds, or Eric S. Raymond...
no more mr. Stallman
more day-to-day editors/admins
One of the core MediaWiki developers.
geert lovink
Larry Lessig.
Yochai Benkler
Linus Torvalds
Ricardo Semler
Noam Chomsky Germaine Greer Lech Waleska Ewa Kulesza Mike Godwin Shami Chakrabarti Linus Torvalds
Someone from Creative Commons.
Lawrence Lessig
Lawrence Lessig
Philip M Parker
Sue Gardner
Juan Carlos De Martin
Larry Lessig
No tengo nombres, pero sugiero personas que trabajan en derechos de autor orientados a CC u otra licencia libre cuya sigla ahora no recuerdo siendo de GNU
I would like to see other famous personalities of the Free Software movement and the Open Source movement, let them argue a little bit. I think it would be great to have other Encyclopedia representants in the speaks. For example an ambassador of Enciclopedia Britannica or simmilar, to see in what ways could we work together, not compite.
Clay Shirky
Alek Tarkowski
Lawrence Lessig
A completely new face to the free culture movement.
Tim O\'Reilly
Chaparro - Galileo Vidoni
any person who has something to say. I rather anybody than somebody who is considered to be \"somebody\"
don\'t know
I suggest to bring in philosophers and sociologists on culture. A reflection on how to use Wiki in the school curriculum high schools and perhaps primary schools as well. Names: perhaps Clothilde Fonseca, from Costa Rica (Sam Klein knows her, I presume)
Kevin Spacey
The brazilian business man, who was possible to speak, he would have been more interesting / different than stallman.
the most influential editor and the most influential contributor
michael jackson
Richard Stallman
Enrique Danz
Kul Wadhwa, Adam Hyde, Eugene Kim
you know better Noam Chomsky?
Linus Torvalds
Creo que las personas que estuvieron (STallman, Wales) le dieron un cierto nivel al evento, por lo que considero, que a pesar de las diferencias que hayan surgido con Stallman y que generó que el evento tuviera más repercusión a nivel periodístico mundial.
The guys from Pirate Bay.
Vaclav Havel.
Jesús Carrillo. Catherine David. Roy Ascott
Bill Gates (semi-serious answer) Yochai Benkler (serious answer)
Evan Prodromou of WikiTravel and
Someone from a country with poor access to free culture/education
The people who participated in the strategy project
I think Richard Stallmans presence was very good, i hope someone like him, an expert in education, free culture or counterculture issues (cause im interested in this ones, and i think wiki is very supported with them, that have no place in other medias-so creates a democratization of knowledge)
Stephen Fry