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Wikimania 2009 Survey

When Wikimania 2009 finished, we conducted an online survey to evaluate different aspects of the conference as both a reference for future Wikimania organizations, and as a constructive critique of the local organization.

Our first attempt was to have the Wikimania 2009 attendees complete the survey on paper, which was attached to a booklet that was part of the "survival-kit" delivered to everyone, and to receive the completed surveys on the last day. Due to the low number of returned surveys, as well as the additional work of transcribing the results into a digital format for statistical processing, we decided to re-release the survey as an invitation-only anonymous online questionnaire. An invitation was sent to everyone (attendees, speakers, organizing team, etc.) except for the press and third-party collaborators of the organization.

Of the 380 invitations sent out 196 (more than half of the complete surveys) were returned, before the dead-line of September 30th. Of them, 85 were from Argentina and 111 from abroad.

Besides the statistical results for the full set, we analysed the answers of people who live outside of Argentina. Additionally, we present our analysis of these results, and some conclusions from it.

If you think we have missed something important in our review or conclusions, feel free to leave a comment at the discussion page.