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If there was one workshop you would like to attend at Wikimania 2010, what would its topic be?

Referidosa a educación
\"What are we as Wikimedia precisely going to do in the next 12 months\"
The strategy for the next five years: What was your input, and what did we do with it?
User studies
Semantic MediaWiki
metagovernence and direct democracy
How to improve Wikimedia statistics
Wikipedia for Childrens
A GLAM workshop
Prospectiva de la Wikipedia Prospectiva de los lenguakes wikis Integración entre sistemas wikis y otrs sistemas Tecnología wiki y Web semántica
academic presentations, content-area discussions
Planning for the future
supporters of the colllaborative knowledge, strategies for spreading wikipedia in your town-
Strategies of use of Wikimedia projects for teachers. Gender topics.
Lenguaje y computación.
chapters again
More about WikiNews
Getting started with bots.
We should have an OpenStreetMap mapping \"party\" / workshop. This would take an afternoon or could take a whole day. This would involve introductory presentations at the workshop space, then taking participants to some place to map, come back to the workshop space and input the data to OpenStreetMap.
Como colaborar en los diferentes proyectos de WM, cuántos y cuáles son, etc, como escribir mejores artículos, experiencias de otros wikipedistas, etc...
Filosofía del proyecto y estrategias de desarrollo
Outreach to doubters
A some related on Wikimanía and Public Health.
- Video en la wikipedia animaciones sin usar gifs, que el procesador del cliente haga el trabajo a partir de datos no binarios (xml svg javascript). - java?/javascripts interactivos - Mejora de usabilidad - Más fácil editar, acceso a las plantillas más comunes fácilmente.
Wikimedia community dealing with autorship and free culture subjects
Comunidad de Wikipedia en español.
Gestión de la reputación en redes sociales.
wikimedia research panel
Workshop about bots and other editing support software.
How well Flagged Revisions is working (or not!)
translingual space on wikipedia
Use of free encyclopedic knoweledge for computational linguistics
I\'d like to attend Semantics/Semantic Media Wiki sessions. I think it should have more of a relevance, Wikimania 2009 session was too short for such an important topic/trend.
Building applications with MediaWiki
I would like to see some information about the adoption of wikies in Enterprices
The relationship between online-real time interaction - WikiMedia vs WikiMania.
No me interesaron los talleres. Creo que no es una propuesta que valga la pena
Wiki for Open (Access) Journals
How the Hindi, Chinese and Spanish Wikipedias all beat the English Wikipedia to 4 million articles.
Proyectos referidos a archivos públicos
Quality Control Mechanisms
something about the Wikimedia Foundation & You (Strategic Planning, Commons work, Usability)... or information about global out reach (Wiki Loves, chapter outreaches, Wikipedia Academies)
How to share pages, templates, and media across different wikis.
Definition of common goals and public domain policies for Wikimedia, A2K and Free Culture initiatives
Psychology on vandalism
Wikipedia y la educación con una perspectiva cualitativa.
Workshop on outreach skills
Open Educational Resources
Offline Content
I would have liked to see a few more presentations about wikis and collaborative technology in general (not necessarily as it related to Wikipedia.)
Volunteers/chapters successes in communications and marketing - and how to improve communications.
Accuracy of contents
Overview of the greater Ecosystem around Wikimedia. Who\'s using the content for what? Who\'s using the same software professionally and non-professionally? How can/do wikimedia plattforms used in/for organizations like companies and educational organizations
web developing
Featured articles
making wikipedia\'s editorial process more visible to the outside world
how to address wikipedia\'s main flaw: is the information reliable?
Urgente debate sobre propiedad intelectual en el siglo XXI
-Language issues -Use of wikis in education
development and evaluation of the strategic planning process, licensing and reusing wm contents, open publishing, trademarks and co-branding, relationship b/tw chapters, wmf and local communities, status and evaluation of grants for chapters or other local communities, usability
Wikimania workshops for children and for the old people; workshops with indigenous peoples or with people with languages in more vulnerable situation; workshop on translation of articles and interlingual interaction
\" for new-commers\" or \" how to begin in wikimedia?\"
Me gustaría escuchar sobre las posibilidades de integrar Wikimedia a proyectos independientes, como un servicio. (algo parecido a lo que se planteó en Wikimanía 2009 con la interfaz para bots).
Human rights on Wiki.
free culture. el arte y su relación con el mercado de arte. arte y galerías/ Pensando un posible arte libre.¿Como sería el arte sino fuese privativo?
How to solve the governance mess.
Wikipedia y educación.
Academic research on Wikimedia projects
\"How to organize a Wikimania?\"
Insertio of Wikipedia in the classroom
Outcome of the strategy project
maybe a talk related with more specific topics, like rules and themes that could should be better treated in wikimedia projects, and more little subjects from every day
Nonviolent communications