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If there was one thing you would like to see changed about Wikimania in general, what would it be?

Más accesible. Más difusión en Entidades educativas. Más difusión \"fuera del ámbito wiki\" (i.e: gente no idónea)
a book of bios on the attendees
I\'d like to see a \"friendlier\" community when talking about newbies. I would make a meeting point or section, or maybe some conferences and workshops for newbies. Not only they would be able to learn new things related to wikimedia, but would also build contacts among themselves and wikipedians, leaving aside the shyness of being the inexperienced ones.
La orientación de las charlas, ya que la mayoría era Wikipedia y otros proyectos fueron poco difundidos
No encuentro que cambiar salvo como dije anteriormente mayor cantidad de experiencias educativas de uso e implementación de proyectos
Extend it.
More discussions, but also more focus on newbees (maybe a special track for one day?)
More of a focus on non-Wikipedia wikis - both other Wikimedia projects, and non-Wikimedia uses, like internal corporate wikis, MediaWiki-based and otherwise.
More press
the strating time is to early JAJA
Nothing really
more days
This was another white affair, I am happy to notice more people from Asia ... There was only one black man from Canada ...
Leave the venue open later, encourage people to socialize after hours in venue rather than split up.
I don\'t know because I just attended one.
Debería extenderse un par de días más o, al menos, dejar más espacio de tiempo entre las charlas. Muchas veces, por ir a algunas charlas nos perdíamos el coffee break (se acababa la comida) o al revés.
Be more welcoming for non-wikimedia related people (people not directly or actively working in the projects).
picture from all attendees on wiki and larger names on cards unless of course people object (double sided print was good so that they can flip over without problem)
no idea
See more wikimaniacs!
The program committee needs to be consulted on selecting the keynote speakers, to help make sure those chosen are good choices. And, some high profile people we might want to speak, have schedules booked up far in advance. So, a decision and invites needs to be made sooner than later.
Comunicación más clara (en español) y libro Viva Wikimania (en español y varios idiomas). Una persona hispanoparlante, de la organización identificada y referencia para contestar dudas especificas de organización WM2010.
more small group discussion sessions to promote interaction and getting to know folks.
For the moment time it seemed to me to be grand
Que el cartel que uno lleva colgando opcionalmente tenga más información, como la bandera del país origen, la organización donde uno trabaja con otra tipografía, el nombre más grande.
I think I\'ve lost some workshops or topics because of their simultaneous schedule, therefor might be general meetings for most important or valued items
Más charlas.
Hold it closer to more attendees.
Agregaría alguna actividad para que todos los asistentes se presenten ante el resto.
First timers should be taken into the fold. Previously known people shouldn\'t just socialise amongst themselves.
better organized academic track
It should be more focused on the inside of Wikimedia projects.
I still feel that Wikimania still would need to attract more people given how large the community of editors is. Of course, this should not lead to a decrease in interaction or talk quality (but I don\'t see why it should).
More public outreach needs to be done, e.g. invite more speakers outside of the wikimedia project scope
that is more boradly announcedin advance,e.g. on top of every language versions so that more \'rank-file-people\' know about the possibility of scholarships etc
Although I\'ve been a supporter for years, I felt a little bit like an outsider at first in 2009, my 1st Wikimania. It seemed that everybody knew everybody. I think it would be great to have a special track for \"first timers\", to take advantage of the fact that the core community is phisically together to have a better outreach. Wikimedia has a great story to tell, it should tell it more often.
Open Space.
I would like to see Wikimania be a more inviting conference to those who are not currently involved in the projects of Wikimedia. Wikimania is a great opportunity for the community to share its passion with the rest of the world. I would like to see more like minded opensource organizations attending the conference, it should also be an opportunity to invite academic organizations, and other partner organizations. Wikimania 2009 felt very closed to community only and gave the wrong signals that Wikimedia is not open to outsiders.
I would like to reconnect it to the current active editing base.
In general, I do not want to change it.
The schedule should start at noon with launch and end with dinner, presentations between them. Morning should be for sleeping.
Lectures and presentations were too short and evident, program needs change.
heh, well it\'s more the *community* surrounding Wikimania... more realization that \"I want Wikimania in [CITY HERE]\" doesn\'t make it happen, only bids do. better jury process should be evaluated
More celebrity involvement. wikimedia is by / for / about everyone.
From a previous question, I understand the party could take place on a different night than the last one: based on experiences with similar conferences, that would be a mistake - last night is the best otherwise noone will be able to attend the next morning
No tengo sugerencias
I would like to see Jimmy Wales, having lunch, and talking to all the wikipedians in the same conditions, in the same floor, in the sofa, I want him to have fun also.
More days.
Some skills building workshops
Involve more outsiders; think outside the box
Better participation from non wikimedians
More outreach to people never exposed to Wikipedia, the projects, and the movement overall.
Have events for the non-wikimedian!
que fuera una conferencia más amplia, con más charlas abiertas al público en general. Que sirviera también para difundir la cultura libre más allá de los involucrados directos en wikimedia.
More on editing
More women participating
better outreach, more participants
a couple of non-wikimedia talks would be nice.
I would like to see direct real-time involvement from people who couldn\'t drag their meatbags to the venue. E.g. people asking questions (while watching the live feed) via IRC/identi.ca, off-site people giving talks via video relay, etc. It\'s silly that a conference like this is so constrained to a geographic location and the people who can make it there.
la verdad, fue muy bueno, pero me hubiese gustado antes de ir a las charlas tener un poco mas de información sobre los ponentes y el tema a tratar, no solamente el titulo, como estaba planteado
might be good to have some other regular and smaller regional events than just one big event a year
more info on the talks that will take place.
Allow community and project focus, to facilitate people working on similar projects to come together.
More inspiring keynotes - from outsiders who might have interesting perspectives relevant to the goals of Wikipedia.
Having RMS twice was enough.
Shorter days, more socializing activities.
I think there should be more Wikimania. Not just one a year in one place, but multiple Wikimania happening all the time, in many different locations.