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If there was one piece of advice you could give specifically to the organizers of Wikimania 2010, what would it be?

Leer el Post Mortem de Wikimedia Argentina
have more demos of newer (upcoming) technology; e.g. mobile, voice recognition
I would make use of a central audio system or speakers, in order to inform the atendees about the next conferences and keynotes, and to let them know any changes in schedule.
Poner en la identificación los idiomas que habla cada persona
Solo Felicito a Patricio Llorente a Bea, a tod@s los volunt@rios por la organización del evento
Try to do something for people who are interested but cannot attend: webchat, video streaming, feedback, twitterwalls. Local events that are somehow connected to the actual Wikimania.
Add more discussions into the schedule. I would like one full track with discussions only, with a room specially set up for that!
put more information in the schedule
More formal social spaces/ events
a bit more about the other projects
re-write the registration code using django or ruby from scratch, giving plenty of time to complete the project
Que el comité de programas realice una evaluación previa del contenido y no sólo de la temática, ya que algunas charlas fueron bastante pobres. Mucha diferencia de nivel entre la charlas.
WIFI must work reliably all the time Space for socializing was great in 2009 and I want to have the same in 2010
more information so people particpate and also speakers should not to be requested payment
Wikimania is a great to meet people, give the attendees time to socialize
Que haya más presentaciones en el idioma del país donde se realiza
Try to have the same friendly and relaxed atmosphere as the 2009 one :)
Give opportnities for open space/unconference sessions; don\'t schedule them or lightning talks against \"big\" talks.
more social activities or space to socialize with the people, not just conferences.
Just about working previously the communication of the event outside the Wikimedia and FLOSS community.
Realizar más actividades que involucren a gente de otros idiomas. Mi impresión de este año es que habían muchos \"grupos\" separados y no existía comunicación suficiente entre ellos. Hispanos por un lado, ingleses por el otro...más comunicación es esencial para no dar la idea de una comunidad fragmentada.
Improve communication. Changes and other announcements during Wikimania 2009 were poorly organized and badly delivered.
I was happy with many and fast recordings, and fast bringing them online, but next time larger size would be nice, and please collect presentation sheets (pdf) fast so that people can view presentation from home and feel connected
take the translation and video experiences and make it even better
To have longer-lasting workshops? Sometimes we want to ask more questions and get more information
More focus on open space, lightening talks, and posters. Don\'t hide these away in a side room.
The party needs to be outdoors (if possible) or in a venue where there is plenty of space and the music volume is low enough that people can easily talk to each other and hear one another. Wikimedians are not hard-core party types and like having conversations, including at the party. I know the party is a major expense of Wikimania, so it really needs to be done right. Don\'t go overboard with the frills and loud music. Something simpler would probably be good for us.
please be more mindful of the ladies room it was 100% of the time disgustingly dirty and unkept
Comunicación más clara (en español) y libro Viva Wikimania (en español, en varios idiomas inclusive). Una persona Hispanoparlante, de la organización para contestar dudas especificas de organización WM2010.
Favorecer el encuentro de los participantes con intereses similares
lengthen the conference
Before nothing being grateful for the organizers of Wikimania 2009 for giving me the opportunity to attendee with the benefit of a scholarship; and if Ithem would ask for something it is they were increasing the number of scholarships because we exist many wikipedians of limited resources and our only option of power to take part in something so big as it it is the Wikimania is across this valuable economic support.
- Darles un minicurso de oratoria a todos los expositores. Que hablen fuerte y claro, que no hablen rápido (muchos no somos angloparlantes), que no hagan presentaciones demasiado extensas, con demasiado texto (la gente se distrae leyendo y no prestan atención), que practiquen bien qué van a decir, cómo, si les va a alcanzar el tiempo. En pocas palabras, que lean esto: http://teaching.berkeley.edu/speaking.html - Que analicen los errores de las wikimanías pasadas. - Que haya un abstract/resumen más completo de cada charla, quizá en un apartado, una hoja aparte. Es útil antes de ir a wikimanía poder hacerse el programa de qué va a ver en qué momento, pero muchas veces el título es demasiado genérico o ambiguo como para poder decidir bien. - Usar técnicas de marketing: Los buenos hoteles generan un sutil olor de ambiente y regalan chocolate para asociar el lugar con algo especialmente atractivo.
Take Wikimania 2009 as an example; make the attendees to feel confortable.
Starting with a copyrighted \"all rights reserved\" video was not the best presentation for you. It\'s preferable to see volunteer effort than trying to impress trough faux \'professionalism\'.
Do more to support online communication between wikimania attendees - mailing lists, forums, chatrooms, etc. I know there were all of these but they weren\'t used or promoted heavily enough.
Más seguridad, más difusión local, más actividades culturales locales,
If you want to gather people from small project far from your location then think about how you can make the visa process more easier for them.
Try to minimise costs for attendees from developing countries. They have costs like Visa fees etc., which natives might not realise.
Make games for the Socializations Breaks...
Good poster session!
if you think you already haven secured enough bandwith for the internet connection, you actually have not. add more bandwith to it. maybe by installing several parallel WLAN-spots. Internet access is really critical.
If possible, test technical things and organization before the start of Wikimania.
Make sure the website allows people to find information easily, especially at the time when they are making plans to come.
Having much space and time outside of talks is very important. BA did a great job in providing socializing space, but a looser schedule of talks (or fewer parallel talks) could still be useful to get more time for meeting people.
make sure there is good and real space for posters that can be seen! make sure the buffet is better organized than 2009 so that everyone has a chance to get enough food make sure that there are small water bottles one can take into the panel\'s rooms and again: make sure that the lighening talks are at a more prominent place in the schedule make sure EVERYBODY can stay in the same hotel follow the example 2009 and livestream and record so that all wikipedians can possibly follow online
Although I\'ve been a supporter for years, I felt a little bit like an outsider at first in 2009, my 1st Wikimania. It seemed that everybody knew everybody. I think it would be great to have a special track for \"first timers\", to take advantage of the fact that the core community is phisically together to have a better outreach. Wikimedia has a great story to tell, it should tell it more often.
More happy hour events
Make more diverse social events.
Que mantengan el caracter bilingüe de las conferencias. Es algo que los locales apreciamos mucho.
Keep an eye on your laptops all the time!
All events, schedules, and details should be published at least three months in advance of the conference. This will give participants the ability to plan ahead and to know what to expect. Having all the events and details organized ahead of the conference will also give the local organizers more time to focus on ensuring details of the events will run smoothly (ie. connectivity, registration, event locations)
Remember you are catering for an extraordinarily wired up community - whatever your suppliers think will work for WiFi is unlikely to be sufficient. PS Don\'t forget that there will be many vegetarians and quite a few vegans. If things contain fish, chicken or are cooked in animal fat then they should be identifiable and alternatives will be needed.
Have stable wifi.
Más tiempo para las conferencias para poder profundizar los temas Organización de las \"charlas relámpago\" (deben aparecer en calendario)
Extend the schedule information...
Communication is the point.
ask for help from, accept the help of, and keep involved international volunteers/organizers. the local team is great, but it can\'t do everything by itself and shouldn\'t try to; international organizers have valuable experience and different perspectives
Let the schedule be a bit flexible... make room for an open space track, performances, &c!
Please try to not schedule 2 (or even 3) sessions I want to attend at the same time - I know you\'re trying to balance the programme and it\'s hard to guess
keep on, you are on the right path!!
More Merchandise! Repeat the keynotes! So people that couldn`t attend (maybe beacuse was attending another one) will be able to. All of the volunteer should speak english, it`s vital for fluid communication when problems arise.
Security all days.
More pre-conference communication.
Take the excellent social spaces of Wikimania 2009 as an example
Have sign up lists for conference rooms
Please make the schedule more relaxed and increase the duration of the event. Also, it\'ll be nicer if we could have the same venue for the conference and accomodation.
Que traten de hacerla lo más parecido a wikimania 2009!
Earlier coordination with speakers
que promuevan mucho los espacios de socialización.
las tarjetas qeu aparezca el username de wikipedia y no el nombre original
More topics.
Not advice, but great job. Well done!
do it like in argentina!
I would appreciate discussions in depth on cultural issues.
Copy the logistical organisation of 2009
I would do an active plan to engage women in Wikimania
make sure you have the chill spaces like they did in buenos aires.
create a venue for local academics and researchers to meet with foreign visitors, make sure ideological concerns do not get in the way of finding a good hotel (hint, hint... Bauen might be worker managed and a poster child for the anti-g movement but is still a shabby, rund down hotel)
Más apoyo en becas, reducción de aspectos tecnológicos en las conferencias.
try to make the registration and payment process smooth.
Ask other conferences (not WM2009) how they\'ve successfully set up a working WLAN for a conference of the size of Wikimania. Then follow their advice.
poco tiempo para la comida, y teniamos que pelear por un sandwich
Unstructured down-time is vital to the conference, too.
let scholarship awardees book their own flights. i changed the flight later to have a little vacation time and found this policy only benefiting the airline. the flight booked for me was more expensive than it would have costed me were i able to book it on my own. plus the layover was only 50 minutes - had i not changed the flight for vacation and booked a flight that gave me longer time to change flight, i might have had to stay one night in the airport. to prevent people from booking a flight that is unnecessarily expensive, you could simply set a reasonable upper limit of the amount that would be reimbursed by the scholarship program - say, up to 10% more than the cheapest flight one can find 3 weeks prior to the conference.
You could add videoconference for connecting with other parts of the world during wikimania.
Que en la medida de lo posible traten de organizar de una manera muy clara a los voluntarios locales para que no tengan que andar corriendo de un lado a otro
convocatoria masiva los proyectos son causas hacer via publica y comunicaciones a redes y organizaciones
more languages like french and german + english and spanish. it is all posible with live translations. we have seen it this time, we could see that again.
Keep up with the good job!
1- Mayor cantidad de becas para la población local, 2- Talleres de aprendizaje para niveles básicos de edición.
Prever espacio suficiente y cómodo para socializar. Garantizar buen wifi y suficientes enchufes para laptops.
Wikimania 2009 was a success on many levels. Please keep costs as low as possible; this is key to attracting high attendance both from the Wikimedia community and from local interested newcomers.
* Ask speakers to license their presentation (both slides and performance). All the videos are technically copyright violations, unless the speaker has agreed to the license. * When putting videos online, also put the audio track online separately. * If you want to protect against theft, don\'t only check the tag on the laptop. check the bag, there may be more laptops in there... * People will *use* the wifi. Have big pipes and redundant routing. Have enough DHCP leases.
get in contact with the Argentine team
Select a keynote speaker who will really make us think about an important central issue, such as outreach/openness.
Test and stress-test the network ahead of time; include tests of several hundred DHCP clients, not just download bandwidth.
Better time / place for lightning talks