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Keeping Wikimedia Chapter abreast with Local Free Culture counterparts

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Keeping Wikimedia Chapter abreast with Local Free Culture counterparts

Panelists Jeromy-Yu Chan (Wikimedia Hong Kong), Liam Wyatt (Wikimedia Australia), Dror Kamir (Wikimedia Israel), Sebastian Moleski (Wikimedia Deutschland), Mathias Schindler (Wikimedia Deutschland)
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About the panelists
Currently the President of Wikimedia Hong Kong, and also a member of the WMF Communication Committee, Jeromy-Yu Maximilian Chan is an administrator (sysop) in Chinese Wikipedia, who is active in translation-coordination and communication on meta-wiki recently. Setting up his own first web-site in 2001, he started to contribute for Wikimedia since 2004, firstly in Chinese Wikipedia. He was a organizing team-member for Chinese Wikimedia Conference 2006 in Hong Kong, and Wikimania 2007 in Taipei. He is also known as one of the initiators of the Wikipedia Communities in Macau and Canton (Guangzhou). Born in Canton, China, he is a university student focus in Journalism in Hong Kong, and being elected as an associate of Royal Academy of Dance recently.
Liam Wyatt is vice-president of Wikimedia Australia, organizer of the August 2009 GLAM-Wiki conference, and co-host of the Wikipedia Weekly podcast.
Born in 1975 in Tel Aviv, Israel, currently lives in Holon, Israel. Studied Arabic, Arab and Muslim culture in the Jewish-Arab institute of Givat Haviva, and a B.A. graduate of the General Linguistic Department of the Tel Aviv University. Worked mainly in the fields of Natural Language Processing and translation. Became active in the Hebrew Wikipedia in April 2005, then became active also in the Arabic and English Wikipedias, but currently in a long "Wiki vacation" from all three, and focusing on promoting free-content policy in Israel as a board member of Wikimedia Israel, of which he was one of the founders, and as a volunteer of the Wikimedia Foundation. Attended 4 Wikimanias, including this one. Wikimedia Israel was established following the visit to Wikimania 2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In Wikimania 2008 in Alexandria, Egypt, he delivered the presentation "Cross-Cultural Dialog through Wikipedia".
Sebastian Moleski is a member of the Wikimedia Deutschland board chair.
Mathias Schindler is a project manager at Wikimedia Germany, which he helped found in 2004.

Promoting free culture in their own jurisdictions is a designated mission of Wikimedia chapters, which is almost impossible to achieve without collaborating with the local Free Culture groups. Some places, for example Hong Kong, Germany Australia and Israel, are lucky to have some rather developed communities for the Free culture Movement. But in the past, Wikimedians may be strangers to local free culture counterparts, as the situation in Hong Kong.

So we would like to share the experience we have on turning stranger to our supports and sponsors in free-culture circles, and also explore more possible models and methods to keep up the momentum of such collaboration.

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