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Presenters/Dror Kamir

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Dror Kamir

Born in 1975 in Tel Aviv, Israel, currently lives in Holon, Israel. Studied Arabic, Arab and Muslim culture in the Jewish-Arab institute of Givat Haviva, and a B.A. graduate of the General Linguistic Department of the Tel Aviv University. Worked mainly in the fields of Natural Language Processing and translation. Became active in the Hebrew Wikipedia in April 2005, then became active also in the Arabic and English Wikipedias, but currently in a long "Wiki vacation" from all three, and focusing on promoting free-content policy in Israel as a board member of Wikimedia Israel, of which he was one of the founders, and as a volunteer of the Wikimedia Foundation. Attended 4 Wikimanias, including this one. Wikimedia Israel was established following the visit to Wikimania 2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In Wikimania 2008 in Alexandria, Egypt, he delivered the presentation "Cross-Cultural Dialog through Wikipedia".