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Post-mortem for Wikimania 2009

This post-mortem is basically the result of both an internal review by Wikimania 2009 organizing team and the on-line survey conducted after the end of the conference. We believe this to be of extreme importance not only for the organization of future Wikimanias but also for the organization of any kind of conference or meetup that the Wikimedian community wishes to organize, so that they may learn from our successes and mistakes.

The conducted survey was processed statistically, and an informal analysis was created from it. They both provided valuable information that confirmed a lot of the things we observed ourselves, but also many things that we would have otherwise missed. We recommend reading both of them and not just the analysis.

We encourage organizers of future Wikimanias, and in particular those of the next one, to get in touch with the Argentine team to obtain not only that document but also advice, technical considerations and anything they might need.

Additionally, we are leaving an open page for those who would like to add original and constrictive critiques about Wikimania 2009 from a different point of view that we might have missed or failed to identify.

Survey Results

Survey Analysis