Wikimania planning discussion/notes

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Notes from the Wikimania open discussion

  • participants: several chapter representatives, staff members (Frank, Cary, James); other interested parties

discussion topics

what is the purpose of wikimania?

The conference is for...

  • community
  • academic
  • outreach
  • press
  • It was noted that in the current form of the conference (3 day conference) it is very difficult to have everyone who might be interested
  • question: perhaps we should have a four day wikimania?
    • with one open day just to talk?
    • or an open day with lightning talks?
  • question: do the same people always come to Wikimania?
    • answer: to some extent yes
  • question: should we open up wikimania? --
    • note: wikimania has been a large global event for 400ppl; how much more open do we want it?
    • shouldn't we meet representatives from other organizations and invite them to come? the staff are going to all sorts of conferences
    • some want Wikimania to stay the same size it's been
    • should wikimania be everything for everybody?

more Wikimedia meetings?

  • Frank S. asked discussion participants if they would like to have more general Wikimedia meetings. He has noticed that many participants have said they would like to meet more often; for instance, the chapters meeting in march & then wikimania
    • yes -- there was general agreement that this would be good
  • there is a question of regional conferences vs local conferences
    • idea: alternating regional conferences & global conferences (problem: the board can't come to all)
  • James noted that the time commitment is a lot for the board --

3 day meeting just for chapters, board & staff,

Types of events: regional vs international

  • there are currently three types of events:
    • international wikimania
    • national conferences -- e.g. wikimedia netherlands
    • regional conferences (e.g. wm-nyc)
    • plus: chapters meeting -- every spring
  • Regional meetings:
    • would it be the easier if it were always in the same venue?
    • example: new york conference -- excellent local conference
    • if we see benefit from a regional conference -- then we should do it? chapters can do whateverever they want
  • take the model of other foundations -- e.g. the Apache Foundation

Wikimania and board meetings

  • 2 days for the board meeting this time -- should wikimania be a business meeting?
  • the board should have been at:
    • discussion sessions
    • the first night welcome dinner (not conflicting with the sponsor's dinner)
    • have everyone together in the same hotel; seems like a class difference (there were logistical reasons why not)

Recap of 2009

  • what was good about wikimania 2009?
    • video recording
    • simultaneous translation -- closed captioning? could we get them to sponsor us?
    • getting fiber into the venue
  • unconference --
  • things to improve:
    • party -- not noisy so people can talk
    • big group dinner for everyone to meet
    • better lunches -- onsite

Ideas for future Wikimanias

  • ideas:
  • dinner planning
    • outdoor hanging out in the venue
    • outdoor hanging out in the old town
  • have irc & twitter projected on the wall -- a screen with all the tweets displayed

Lightning talks and program ideas

  • lots of value for having the program; unconference & formal talks together ++++++
  • lightning talk ideas:
    • lightning talks in the lounge
    • lightning talks in a big hall that everyone could go to? a signup sheet --
  • opening each day with a rundown of what has happened