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WMF Planning Meeting December 17 2008

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destination: WMF Planning Meeting December 17 2008
source update: 2008-12-17

On December 17, 2008, a planning meeting will take place between the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Argentina regarding Wikimania 2009. Phoebe Ayers will participate as a long-time volunteer. The following is the proposed agenda:

  • Location: Wikimedia Foundation offices, San Francisco
  • Attendees: Erik Möller, Patti Melton, Phoebe Ayers, Frank Schulenburg, Patricio Lorente, Carlos Barcenilla, Cary Bass, Marylou Secoquian, Sara Crouse, Kul Wadhwa
  • Minutes kept by: Patti Melton


10.00-12.15 PM (optional for Marylou, Sara)
Recap 2008 postmortem & recommendations
Recap survey: Erik
Present & discuss current state WM09: Patricio, Carlos
12.15 PM – 1PM
Lunch – brought in
1PM – 3PM (optional for Jay, mostly optional for Sara)
Finance & Administration discussion:
Collect key questions
Scholarships summary: Sara
Sponsorships – which ones, who manages
Budget & admission fees
Financial relationship with WM-AR
Advance funding
Sponsorship money transfers
Other administrative issues
Define roles/responsibilities/actions
3 PM - 3.30 PM
3.30 PM – 5.30 PM (optional for Véronique, Marylou, Kul, Sara)
Event / Program Discussion
Collect key questions
State / future of program committee?
Public outreach function of the program
Define roles/responsibilities/actions
Information/Volunteer management (effeitsanders add)
Press and media brainstorming
Collect key questions
Define roles/responsibilities/actions
6 PM
Dinner at Delancey St. restaurant (map)