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You may have heard about the "book tool" which got deployed on some Wikimedia projects recently. This book was created using this tool in conjunction with the pediapress.com service.

Some notes:

  • At the creation date of this book (Aug 24th) not all of the Local information page was translated. The second half of this article is in castellano.
  • The schedule is subject to change

We wish you nice days in Buenos Aires,
The PediaPress Team

This book was sponsored and printed by Bibliográfika, the leading print on demand company in Argentinia.

About the Book Tool

The MediaWiki-Collection-Extension allows users to create custom collections of articles. These collections can be downloaded as PDFs or even be ordered as printed books with PediaPress.

More information about the Collection-Extension is available at mediawiki.org and meta.wikimedia.org. To see it in action visit en.wikipedia.org (for signed-in users only).

There will be a talk about the book tool at Wikimania at Day 1 / 12:00.