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You are editing a translation for Template:Translation.
These pages contain "wiki code", a special formatting syntax that is confusing to some editors. You can ask the translation community to provide the text without extra coding on the translators-l mailing list.

  • If this is accidental, click the "back" button on your browser.
  • Translate or copyedit the text in the same box. Links ("[[example syntax]]") and templates ("{{example syntax}}") might break if you translate them. However, you can still translate links by adding an alternate name ("[[example place|Alternate name]]").
  • When you're done (or want to save your progress), click the "save" button.
    • When you finish translating, please change its status in the status template to "proofreading".
    • When the text has been proofread (checked for errors) by other translators and is ready for publishing, please change its status in the status template to "done" or "ready".

If you need any help or have any questions while translating: