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I had a potentially nifty thought Have regional presenters to champion presentations

basically I got the idea from Guns n Roses, rather than go to a music award they hired adult entertainers to appear

I would much rather have another person present my material at the conference than get a travel stipend to appear It occurs to me that each travel stipend could hire numerous locally sourced talented presenters who would practice the presentation then put up a version at youtube to receive guidance Then proceed to communicate at the conference

Another benefit here is higher communications productivity If there is a person who has done wikiwork willing to present another persons work as well they could receive some of the stipend funds Also a productivity benefit as prepping to teach often causes higher quality learning Thus the sponsored presentations would actually be depth learned from some of the most motivated wikians on the planet

Its like having linus pauling do your presentation to an audience rather than speaking to an audience that contains linus pauling The audience hears the message plus Dr. Pauling truly learns your ideas as well

also, potential presentations could be listed prior to the conference then actual attendees could view the youtube versions to see which of the optional presentations they'd like to learn n speak to

If I or a surrogate were there this is what I'd suggest to wikimania video

Should we start an informal list of volunteers here? -- Phoebe 18:45, 22 January 2009 (UTC)

Sure, we should also make sure we list what we need, a list of tasks/jobs. Cbrown1023 talk 20:46, 22 January 2009 (UTC)

Interested in volunteering?

  • please list yourself here and what you are interested in working on. (also create your userpage giving your language skills and a short explanation of who you are/links to other userpages)
    • Cbrown1023 talk — program, translation coordination, general website maintenance, anything that's needed
    • J.Wong--translating articles between English and Chinese (no matter zh-hans, zh-hant or yue), and site maintenance.
    • OTRS & documents, see Talk:WMF Planning Meeting December 17 2008. guillom 16:29, 28 January 2009 (UTC)
    • Hzaphry talk-- translating from English to Arabic, replying Emails, and any online works.--Hzaphry 19:28, 29 January 2009 (UTC)
    • NadaRady--translating articles between Arabic, English, German and spanish , and any online work.
    • Az1568 — pretty much anything, trans, site maintenance.. etc. --Az1568 23:51, 29 January 2009 (UTC)
    • Yuyu, trans (and trans-cord), Press, PR, etc --Yuyu 18:37, 14 June 2009 (UTC)

Introduction and startup

Después de darle un codazo a la CPU, tildar la máquina y perder todo lo que tenía escrito, vamos de nuevo.


Hi all! You may have seen me editing over the last few days. I'm Galileo Vidoni from the local organizing team for Wikimania 2009 and Wikimedia Argentina, as well as the Spanish Wikipedia, were I am bibliotecario. I will be in charge of helping to co-ordinate work over this site, as well as serve as of intermediating between you and the local team, if necessary. Let me first say that we really appreciate your time, disposition and work to have this moving. We love counting on volunteers because we are all volunteers. While we still don't have definite information about many issues, there is many other waiting to be organized here and so we're on.

I think that one of Wikimanía 2009's strong points will be its bilingual approach, as a first step towards achieving Wikimedia-style multilingualism in future editions. By establishing both English and Spanish as official languages, we are opening a whole new world of expression possibilities and taking advantage of hosting Wikimanía in a Latin American country, were many representatives of the sizeable Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Wikimedia communities may attend. Official information and communications, then, will be released in Spanish and English. You may always take versions in these languages as reference for your work here.

Now I would like to list the main things we've been doing during these days —and to specially thank Casey for his help. First of all, we've changed the site layout used in previous Wikimanía editions. Now the former "Main Page" (the location) is called "Portal" and has been converted in a language chooser, before entering "Index", that also replaces the former "Main Page" (but this time it's about contents). From there onwards the site takes a uniform visual identity of grey-backed introduction and a right sidebar containing links to the main sections. We still have to define which those sections will be (for example, "Organization" may be taken out and we may list another important section). The volunteers in versions other than English and Spanish may now expand this visual guideline to their pages. Apart from this, I've been trying to synchronize information between the English and Spanish pages.

As a final note, I've set up a section for online volunteers were I ask you to (re-)add yourselves. It is aimed at first separating online volunteering from other future involvements and, secondly, at avoiding reliance over a single English page. Thanks for your help! --Galio 06:15, 3 February 2009 (UTC). Disclaimer: this is a quickly rewritten version of a lost original, finished at 4:13 AM. Please, forgive guaranteed spelling, lexical and conceptual horrors.


¡Saludos a todos! Algunos me habrán visto editando durante los últimos días. Soy Galileo Vidoni del equipo organizador de Wikimanía 2009 y Wikimedia Argentina, además de ser bibliotecario de Wikipedia en español. Estaré a cargo de ayudar con la coordinación del trabajo sobre este sitio, así como de servir de intermediario entre ustedes y el equipo local si fuera necesario. Quisiera decir antes que nada que apreciamos de verdad su tiempo, disposición y trabajo para poner esto en marcha. Nos encanta contar con voluntarios, porque somos todos voluntarios. Si bien todavía no contamos con información definitiva sobre muchos aspectos, hay mucha esperando a ser organizada aquí. En eso estamos.

Creo que uno de los puntos fuertes de Wikimanía 2009 será su enfoque bilingüe, como primer paso hacia alcanzar el poliglotismo característico de Wikimedia en próximas ediciones. Al establecer tanto al inglés como al español como idiomas oficiales, abrimos un montón de nuevas posibilidades de expresión y aprovechamos el hecho de realizar Wikimanía en un país latinoamericano, donde podrán asistir muchos representantes de las nada desdeñables comunidades hispano y lusoparlante de Wikimedia. La información y comunicación oficial, entonces, se realizará en español e inglés. Siempre podrán tomar las versiones en estos idiomas como referencia para su trabajo en el sitio.

Ahora quisiera contar las principales cosas que estuvimos haciendo durante estos días —y agradecer especialmente a Casey por su ayuda—. Primero que nada, modificamos el esquema del sitio arrastrado de años anteriores. Ahora, la antigua "Main Page" (la página) se llama "Portal" y se ha convertido en un selector de idioma, antes de ingresar a "Index", que también reemplaza a la antigua "Main Page" (en cuanto al contenido). De ahí en más el sitio toma una identidad visual uniforme consistente en un fondo gris para introducciones y una barra lateral derecha con enlaces a las principales secciones. Todavía tenemos que definir cuáles son esas secciones (por ejemplo, puede sacarse "Organización" e incluir otra sección importante). Los voluntarios en idiomas que no sean el inglés y el español pueden ahora hacer extensiva esta línea visual a sus páginas. Además de esto, estuve tratando de sincronizar la información entre las páginas en español e inglés.

Como nota final, creé una sección para los voluntarios en línea donde invito a todos a (re)inscribirse. Busca por un lado separar a los voluntarios en línea de otras participaciones posteriores, y por otro evitar la dependencia de una única página en inglés. ¡Gracias por su ayuda! --Galio 06:15, 3 February 2009 (UTC) Aviso: esta es una segunda versión de un original perdido, terminada a las 4:13 de la madrugada. Por favor, disculpen horrores ortográficos, léxicos y conceptuales garantizados.