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openZIM - serving the Wikipedia Offline Projects

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openZIM - serving the Wikipedia Offline Projects

Presenter Manuel Schneider (Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., Wikimedia CH)
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About the presenter
Wikimedian Manuel Schneider: In Wikipedia since 2004, since 2005 member of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. and since 2006 founding member of Wikimedia CH and in charge of organising events, hosting and project lead. Involved in both regional and global Wikimedian's meetings since 2006 and sponsor of several chapters and the chapters wiki. Personal: Born 1981 in Lörrach (D). 2000-2003 apprenticeship as IT specialist in the field of systems integration. 2004-2007 studies at the university of applied computer science in Basel (CH) with main focus on internet engineering. Since 2007 working as IT engineer for a global company, since 1999 up to now owner of a webhosting & servermanagement service provider.

openZIM is the succeeding project which is based on Zeno, a technical framework for offline content distribution discussed on Wikimania 2008. Since then a lot has happened eg. an open source project was founded and all source code and documentation created and released to the public.

This presentation aims to both potential publisher of offline content (eg. Wikipedia DVDs) as well as to developers interested in solutions how to store and deliver hypertext content and other MIME types in an efficient way.

The german Wikipedia DVDs from 2006 and 2007 are based on Zeno, the Kiwix release from 2008 uses an improved version of Zeno, the german Wikipedia released for LinuxTag 2009 is based on openZIM.

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