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Launching Collaborative Video on Wikipedia

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Launching Collaborative Video on Wikipedia

Presenters Erik Möller (Wikimedia Foundation), Michael Dale (Kaltura), Ron Yekutiel (Kaltura)
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About the presenters
Erik Möller is the Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Michael Dale is a Senior Developer and Project Administrator at Kaltura, currently working together with MediaWiki to add collaborative video functionalities to it.
Ron Yekutiel is a technology entrepreneur in the fields of Internet, mobile applications, and security. Previous ventures include co-founding and running Destinator Technologies and VisualGate Systems, as well as SVP at Paradigm Advanced Technologies.

His expertise covers a wide range of topics related to online video, peer-production and the high-tech world in general based on his experience.


This session will spark a discussion around the upcoming launch of collaborative video on Wikipedia. The Wikimedia Foundation has paved the way to openness and contributed more than any other entity to the knowledge of the crowd; the Foundation is now pushing the envelope even further by expanding the world's largest collaborative knowledge pool to include rich-media as well. Using Kaltura's open source video platform, Wikipedia users will be able to upload, remix, edit and collaborate in rich-media similarly to what they have done to date with text. In this session, we will discuss the potential of this new step in peer production, as well as the challenges, what it can mean for the community, the implications of this on fair use and how this can bring to the democratization of video across the globe.

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