Legislation lobby discussion

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Legislation lobby discussion

Presenter Lodewijk Gelauff (Wikimedia Nederland)
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About the presenter
Lodewijk Gelauff is founding board member and vice president of Wikimedia Nederland, the Dutch Wikimedia Chapter. Being Wikipedian since 2005, Lodewijk is experienced in the international Wikimedia structure both on the community side (being a steward) as on the chapters side (being the contact person for international affairs).

Lodewijk was one of the organizers and driving people behind the Wikimedia replies to the EU Green Paper on Copyright (november 2008) and the Chapters Meeting on European Intellectual Property Legislation (July 2009).


Several Wikimedia chapters are working on a (European) lobby on Intellectual Property legislation and regulations. This discussion will try to reach out to the community what is going on, discuss the objectives in this lobby and the participants are asked to give input on what issues are important, forgotten or not interesting at all.

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