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Challenges of Covering the Wikimedia Community

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Challenges of Covering the Wikimedia Community

Panelists Andrew Lih, Phoebe Ayers, Liam Wyatt, Noam Cohen, Jay Walsh, Mathias Schindler
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About the panelists
Andrew Lih (andrew .at. andrewlih .dot. com), is author of The Wikipedia Revolution. He is a former journalism professor at Columbia University and Hong Kong University, and is currently a professor at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism. He is also an administrator on the English Wikipedia.
Phoebe Ayers is a librarian at the University of California, Davis. She is the author of How Wikipedia Works and currently updates the "News & Notes" section for the English Wikipedia Wikipedia Signpost newsletter. She has taught and lectured on Wikipedia extensively.
Liam Wyatt is vice-president of Wikimedia Australia, organizer of the August 2009 GLAM-Wiki conference, and co-host of the Wikipedia Weekly podcast.
Noam Cohen is a reporter for the New York Times and long-time reporter on Wikipedia.
Jay Walsh is Head of Communications for the Wikimedia Foundation.
Mathias Schindler is a project manager at Wikimedia Germany, which he helped found in 2004.

With Wikipedia and Wikimedia volunteers spanning time zones, geography, language groups and projects, how is it possible to capture the pulse of activity inside this distributed community and accurately report on it, both internally and  to the outside world?

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