Encouraging Quality as Emergent Behaviour

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Encouraging Quality as Emergent Behaviour

Presenter Federico Heinz (Fundación Vía Libre)
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About the presenter
Federico Heinz was born on Cordoba (Argentina) in 1963, he is an active self-taught programmer since he is nineteen. His professional experience includes low level software development, managing systems in big companies, consulting, software developing, protocols and interfaces design and implementation.

As co-founder and president of Vía Libre Foundation (http://www.vialibre.org.ar), his activity is to promote free software as tools for sustainable development and technological independence, specially for Latin America. From Vía Libre he has made consulting for several state public organizations, he leads efforts for constructing free software aimed to solve Latin American society issues, he advises legislators like Argentine deputy Dragan and Peruvian congressman Villanueva about communication and information technology impacts. He is also one of the official speakers in GNU project from Free Software Foundation (http://www.gnu.org/).


The SELF project (EU) based its QA mechanisms on the experience of Wikipedia, and proposed alternative mechanisms to avoid perceived problems with the NPV policy. This presentation will explain both the perceived problems and the proposed solutions.

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