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Testing the MediaWiki software and its extensions

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Testing the MediaWiki software and its extensions

Presenter Gerard Meijssen
Themes Technology
About the presenter
Gerard Meijssen has been involved in Wikis for a long time. His expertise is about languages and dictionaries.I have been involved in the development of software.

MediaWiki is not only used by the Wikimedia Foundation. There are literally thousands of MediaWiki installations. They use a wealth of extensions, many of these are not supported by the WMF. As it is not known what extension actually works, there is a need to find out if they do. The problems people find give MediaWiki the reputation that the installation and maintenance is hard. With the WETE environment, it is possible to install MediaWiki and an increasing number of extensions in a testenvironment in many configurations. This installation and testing framework was conceived by Wikiation in order to know what works and what the risks are. The WETE environment is already useful for developers and implementers. In the presentation I will demonstrate this and I will also show how users can use available tools to better inform developers about the problems that they experience.

Language English
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