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Lessons from Citizendium

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Lessons from Citizendium

Presenter HaeB
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About the presenter
HaeB has contributed to the German and English Wikipedia since 2003. He has been one of

the three CheckUsers of the German Wikipedia since 2006.


Citizendium, a free encyclopedia project, was started in 2006 with the motivation of addressing perceived shortcomings in Wikipedia's policies to produce a more reliable encyclopedia. The fact that it still uses a similar wiki-based collaboration model means that Wikipedians can draw valuable insights from Citizendium's successes and failures, related to several of the most difficult issues that the maturing Wikipedia community faces today. Examples include the proposal to introduce validated ("quality") stable versions - which have their analogue in Citizendium's "Approved" articles -, the question of how to encourage expert contributions and the enforcement of civility policies.

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