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Tamil Wikipedia: A case study

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Tamil Wikipedia: A case study

Presenter BalaSundaraRaman L (Ziva Software)
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About the presenter
BalaSundaraRaman L holds a Masters degree in IT from IIIT-B and has over six years of experience in information extraction including 3 years at Yahoo! He is currently managing a web record extraction project at Ziva Software. He has been editing at the English and Tamil Wikipedias since 2004. His interests include computational linguistics, biology, and writing bots for wikis, apart from copyediting featured-article candidates and good articles.

Three distinct growth phases have emerged in this case study of Tamil Wikipedia since late 2003. Some distinct characteristics of the Wikipedia and its editors are identified. Evangelism efforts and sibling projects are also discused in this study. Challenges and future plans are outlined.

Language English
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