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Using external data in MediaWiki

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Using external data in MediaWiki

Presenter Yaron Koren
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About the presenter
Yaron Koren is a freelance web consultant, focusing on Semantic MediaWiki and its applications. He has created or maintains around 10 MediaWiki extensions, including the best-known SMW-spinoff extension, Semantic Forms. He runs the SMW-based wiki farm Referata, and has helped launch a variety of SMW-based sites, including Discourse DB and the OpenCongress wiki. Yaron has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from MIT.

The amount of information contained outside of any wiki, even Wikipedia, will always far exceed the amount of information contained within it. And the amount of information available in reusable form on the web, via APIs, RSS feeds, services like map and video sites and RDF files, is constantly growing. This talk will cover the ways in which MediaWiki can incorporate outside data using various extensions, including the External Data extension. It will also cover the ways in which information can be exchanged between wikis, including the use of Semantic MediaWiki. Finally, the talk will present some suggestions for how Wikimedia sites could be used as both importers and exporters of data.

Language English