More media, more donations

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More media, more donations

Presenter Catrin Schoneville (Wikimedia Deutschland)
Themes Communities
About the presenter
Catrin Schoneville is Press Secretary of Wikimedia Germany.

While the public and media attention of Wikimedia projects is still rising, fundraising is more successful at the same time. This mindgame leads us to a given relation between these two topics.

The presentation pursues the intention to illustrate the relation between public relations on the one side and editorial and financial contribution to Wikimedia projects on the other side.

The analysis should give a small agenda for what could be done to increase the contribution to Wikimedia projects:

  • What topics do have a global impact on the public and the media?
  • What topics make people show solidarity with Wikimedia?
  • What topics could have which effect?

In addition to this, we will present some Wikimedia Deutschland stories concerning events in Germany, their media attention and their effect on contribution to Wikimedia projects.

Language English