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Integrating NASA WorldWind and custom map types into Wikipedia

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Integrating NASA WorldWind and custom map types into Wikipedia

Presenter Katie Filbert
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About the presenter
Katie Filbert is a GIS developer and long-time English Wikipedian.  She is also involved as a developer in the OpenStreetMap/Wikipedia project, and involved in various other aspects of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has an initiative underway to integrate OpenStreetMap into article pages, as inline maps and/or as pop-up maps.  With the infrastructure in place to allow this to happen, it paves the way for future innovative uses of maps beyond just OpenStreetMap.  One such possibility is the addition of satellite imagery from NASA WorldWind, including Landsat and NASA's Blue Marble imagery, which may be feasible to implement in the short or medium term.  Longer-term possibilities include additional map types. With Web Map Services (WMS) it is possible to create custom map types, such as interactive, statistical (choropleth) maps to show things like demographics or election results, and allow Wikipedians to more easily add maps showing things like bird migration paths.  There are technical obstacles to making additional map types available, while supporting heavy user load of Wikipedia.  The presentation will include demos of custom map types, discussion of techncial implementation, and integration into the wiki editing workflow.

Language English
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