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BOF: MediaWiki Usability discussion

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BOF: MediaWiki Usability discussion

Leader Angela Beesley Starling (Wikimedia/Wikia)
Themes Technology
About the leader
Angela Beesley Starling is a co-founder of Wikia, and chair of the Wikimedia Foundation Advisory Board.

Following immediately after Naoko's presentation of the Wikipedia Usability Initiative will be an open discussion about usability.

This discussion group is open to all - developers or not - to discuss the usabilty of MediaWiki.

Examples and demos will be shown from Wikipedia Usability project as well as from Wikia and other MediaWiki projects aiming to improve usability.

Example discussion topics include:

  • WYSIWYG - is it needed? is it wanted? will it help?
  • Skins - could adaptions to the skin or interface text help?
  • Education - how could educating experienced users help to improve a wiki's usability?
  • Internationalisation, localisation and usability.

Preliminary discussions began at the Developer meetup in Berlin in April 2009 and my notes for these can be found on mediawiki.org: Usability and WYSIWYG.

Language English
Slides (download)
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