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Wikipedia search

Presenter Robert Stojnic
Themes Technology
About the presenter
Robert Stojnic has been working as a volunteer developer for about two years on improving the internal search engine on Wikimedia projects. He is currently managing the Wikimedia search cluster. Before that he briefly worked on language script conversion used on Serbian Wikipedia. Did his undergrad in Computer Science in Novi Sad, Serbia. Currently he's doing masters at University of Cambridge in Computational Biology, and will be starting PhD in Genetics in October also at Cambridge.

Search is one of the, until recently, neglected features in MediaWiki development. This lecture will present recent development in Wikipedia searching, describe the challenges and algorithms employed, why and when is Google better and what benefits might an internal search have. Learn about ranking algorithms, how "did you mean.." works and what one can do to improve search on third-party wikis. Lecture is geared towards both users and techies.

Language English
Video (download)