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Quality Control Mechanisms in the German Wikipedia

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Quality Control Mechanisms in the German Wikipedia

Presenters Christoph W. Breitler (Wikimedia Austria), Kurt Kulac (Wikimedia Austria)
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About the presenters
Christoph Wolfgang Breitler is a student of Microbiology at University of Graz, co-Founder of Wikimedia Austria and long time Wikipedian
Kurt Kulac studied law in Graz and works now as a trainee lawyer in Vienna. His main interests are photography and natural science related topics.

We are going to talk about the vast quality control Mechanisms that have been implemented over time in the german language Wikipedia. The presentation will cover the history of the mechanisms that have been deployed by the users over time until up to the now widely discussed flagged revision system. In a second part we are going to present the idea of our "global watchlist" a system where people working on the same project in Wikipedia can have a special watchlist that is worked upon by members in the same "project community". The Presentation itself should be in the form of a panel, allowing an open discussion about quality standards in other language Wikipedias and in the Community.

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