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Arrival info

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destination: Arrival info

Reaching the hotel

From Ezeiza airport

From Ezeiza airport (EZE) to BAUEN Hotel a taxi may cost from ARS 80 to ARS 150, depending on traffic conditions. Hire a taxi or a car with driver ("remise", pronounced "ray-miss") only in the authorized airport booths: you should get a printed receipt with the car's identification.

A less expensive way to reach the hotel is taking a bus to downtown Buenos Aires and then a taxi to the hotel. Comfortable non-stop buses departing every 30 minutes (Manuel Tienda León company, offices in the airport) cost ARS 40 per passenger and arrive to Terminal Madero, from where you can get a taxi to the hotel by about ARS 20. Manuel Tienda León has booths at terminals A and B, both just after exiting the Customs inspection point. Buses depart from the arrivals gate at Terminal B.

Warning: do not hire taxis offered verbally by individuals in the airport.

Terminal A - Arrivals. Terminal B has a similar distribution.

The first photo below shows the Terminal A arrivals hall. The arrows show the normal passengers flow, and the circle the Manuel Tienda León booth. The second photo shows the path to the Banco de la Nación Argentina branch for money exchange; it´s not advised to use Global Exchange, since their exchange rates are usually less favourable. The third photo shows the Banco de la Nación Argentina branch.

Ezeiza airport: general plan

From Aeroparque

Manuel Tienda León service is also available at the domestic airport, Aeroparque (AEP). Same recommendations about taxis apply.

Hotel address

BAUEN hotel is located at 360 Callao Avenue, that is 30 meters south of the intersection of Corrientes and Callao avenues. The hotel phone is (+54 11) 4373 9009. Any taxi driver should know the Bauen Hotel location by its name.

Money exchange

Current rates of exchange for US dollars (USD) to/from Argentine pesos (ARS) ARS 3,82 / ARS 3.86; for euros (EUR) ARS 5.46 / ARS 5.56; for pound sterling (GBP) ARS 6.28 / ARS 6.57. USD are commonly accepted in touristic places. Money can be exchanged in banks and exchange offices (open 10:00 AM through 3:00 PM); you will be required to show your passport. It is not advisable to do exchange transactions with people offering them on the street. In the airport, it is recommended to exchange money at the branches of Banco de la Nación Argentina; other exchange booths exist, but their rates are usually less favorable.

In Terminal A, where most international flights arrive (except those of Aerolineas Argentinas), the Banco de la Nación Argentina is located close to the Customs inspection point (sse photo above).

Registration time

  • Conference registration desk will be open in the following times and places:
Day Bauen CCGSM Alvear
25 9 AM - 5 PM and
6 PM - 9:30 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
26 11:30 AM - 5 PM 9 AM - 10:50 AM
27 9 AM - 5 PM
28 9 AM - 5 PM



The opening ceremony, Wednesday August 26th at 9:15 AM, and the first (keynote speech) session of Thursday, August 27th, will be held at Teatro Presidente Alvear, 1659 Corrientes Avenue. Please show up at least 30 minutes before the start time to allow an orderly registration procedure.

Other sessions

All other sessions will be held at Centro Cultural General San Martín (CCGSM). CCGSM is located in the corner of Sarmiento and Paraná streets.

Area map

Welcome dinner

  • A welcome dinner for all Wikimania attendees will be held on Tuesday, August 25th at 8:00 PM. It is free-as-in-beer and will take place in Simon Bolivar Room of the Bauen Hotel. If you plan to attend, please add yourself to the list in http://wikimania2009.wikimedia.org/wiki/Welcome_dinner to allow a better organization.

Police and safety

The Tourist Police Station has as it's main duty to protect, give assistance and information to foreign visitors working as a link with the different consulates an embassies.

Phone: 0800-999-5000 (Toll free from any phone, including public phones)


  • Arrange tours with well-known companies. Do not accept street promotions.
  • Do not exchange money in the street. Go to bank offices and exchange agencies.
  • Do not trust strangers warning you about spots on your clothes and offering to clean them.
  • Do not leave your bag or backpack unattended. Do not leave them on the back of your seat or on a table.

Emergency contact

If any emergency arises, you can contact the local organization team through the following phones:

  • Leandro Kibisz
International: +54 9 11 3174 3556
From anywhere in Argentina except Buenos Aires: (011) 15 3174 3556
From Buenos Aires metropolitan area (including Ezeiza airport): 15 3174 3556
  • Leandro Ferrari
International: +54 9 11 3174 3561
From anywhere in Argentina except Buenos Aires: (011) 15 3174 3561
From Buenos Aires metropolitan area (including Ezeiza airport): 15 3174 3561

Please, use these numbers for emergency only.